25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (2023)

We don’t have dictionaries of slang, but this list of Irish slang words you need to know is the closest you’ll get.

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (1)

If you come to Ireland, I wouldn’t blame you for feeling like an eejit for not knowing what every wee fella and bure is talking about. But don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place to save yourself from feeling absolutely scundered as we have made a list of 25 Irish slang words you need to know:

25. Wee – a word used to describe everything

Technically, wee is supposed to refer to smallthings, but in Ireland, that is not always the case. Instead, the word ‘wee’ isused to describe absolutely everything.

Example: ‘Would you like a wee bag withthat?’

24. Craic – fun

Probably the most used and most well-known Irish slang term. It generally refers to ‘fun’ but can be used in several ways:

Examples: ‘What’s the craic?’ – How areyou?

‘The craic was 90’ – That was a lot of fun.

‘Having the craic’ – Having a good time.

23. Culchie – someone from the countryside

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (2)

Anyone who lives in a rural area is usuallydescribed as a culchie. Anyone who lives in Dublin usually refers to everyonefrom outside of Dublin as culchies.

Example: ‘I went to the GAA. It was packedwith culchies.’

22. Eejit – a fool

The word eejit is an Irish insult used to describe someone as a fool or an idiot and is often preceded by the word ‘buck’.

Example: ‘Tommy fell into the pondyesterday. He’s a buck eejit.’

21. Fella/Bure – boy/girl

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (3)

In Ireland, when someone is talking about aboy or girl, they will often refer to them as a fella or a bure.

Example: ‘I met this nice wee fella in thepub last night’. ‘I saw this bure on the bus yesterday. She was stunning.’

20. Grand – good

Grand tends to be used in place of wordslike ‘good’ or ‘fine’.

Example: ‘How was work today?’ ‘It wasgrand.’

19. Quare – very

You’ll hear the word quare when someone isreally trying to emphasise what they’re saying.

Example: ‘We had a quare laugh last night.’

18. Yoke – literally anything

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (4)

The word yoke can be used to refer toabsolutely anything. Usually something you can’t remember the actual name of.

Example: ‘Where’s the wee yoke for changingthe TV channel?’

17. Cat – awful

No, we are not referring to the animal here(although it does mean that in Ireland too). The word cat is often used inIreland to describe something or someone awful.

Example: ‘What did you think of the filmlast night?’ ‘It was cat.’

16. Gammy – useless

Can be used to describe something useless,injured, or broken.

Example: ‘I fell when I was skiing. Now Ihave a gammy knee.’

15. Jammy – lucky

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (5)

Jammy is often used to describe someone lucky.

Example: ‘John won £50 in the lottery,jammy b*stard.’

14. Scundered – embarrassed

When an Irish person does somethingembarrassing, you will often hear them say they are ‘scundered’ about it.

Example: ‘I can’t believe what I did lastnight. I’m absolutely scundered.’

13. Dander – a stroll

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (6)

Dander is an Irish slang word used to describe walking or strolling.

Example: ‘Do you want to come for a danderround the park?’

12. Faffin’ – messing about

Faffin’ is the word used to describe doingsomething, but not really doing anything.

Example: ‘What took you so long?’ ‘Ah, Iwas faffin’ about.’

11. Hallion – someone who messes about

Hallion is often used to describe a rascal, someone who messes about, or is up to no good, specifically children.

Example: ‘James was getting on like ahallion at the party yesterday.’

10. Banjaxed – broken

Banjaxed can be used to describe somethingthat is broken or someone tired or drunk.

Example: ‘I got home from work and feltbanjaxed’.

9. Shift – kiss

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (7)

Shift is used to describe making out withsomeone.

Example: ‘How was your date? Did youshift?’

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (8)

8. Dote – cute

Dote can be used to describe someone orsomething cute or adorable.

Example: ‘Have you met Sarah’s wee one? He’s a wee dote.’

7. Plastered/Steamin’ – drunk

There are many Irish slang phrases to describe someone drunk, but two of the most common are plastered and steamin’.

Example: ‘I was plastered/steamin’ lastnight.’

6. Baltic – cold

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (9)

Baltic can often be heard when describingthe weather in Ireland.

Example: ‘You don’t want to go out in that.It’s baltic out there.’

5. Geg – funny

Geg can be used to refer to someone who isfunny or someone who says something funny.

Example: ‘Have you met Stacey? She’s ageg.’

4. Slagging – insulting

Slagging is used to refer to insulting someone or talking bad about them.

Example: ‘Why areyou slagging me?’

3. Kip – sleep

Kip is used tosay you are going to sleep.

Example: ‘I’mfeeling pretty tired, so I’m away for a kip.’

2. Poke – ice cream

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (10)

Poke is used todescribe ice cream, specifically a cone from the ice cream van.

Example: ‘Mummy,can I get a poke from the poke van?’

1. Melter – an annoying person

Melter is used to describe someone annoyingor getting on your nerves.

Example: ‘He is a melter recently.’

25 Irish slang words you NEED to know (11)
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